Anchored in Hope

 Coaching to Anchor Your Hope

It is essential as you process life that you are aware of the resources that help anchor you.


Our coaches will guide you in identifying the places in your life that feed your soul and help anchor you in safety as you prepare to take great risks as a leader.


This can be the most difficult process. Our coaches will help you launch your goals in the areas of personal development and leadership.


With a holistic approach they will help identify the forces that are keeping you from moving forward.




This is the most rewarding aspect of the process. Here is when you realize you are achieving your goals and making progress.


The Hope Rising team wants to make sure that you keep in flight as you soar in achieving your goals.


  • Would it be helpful for you and the leaders of your organization to have support and guidance?

HopeRising.IS for you!

  • Is it important for you and your team to have renewal?​​​​

HopeRising.IS for you!

  • Would your organization benefit from having accessible mental health, wellness coaching, and counseling without the burden of hiring a full-time employee?

HopeRising.IS for you!​

  • Do you like the idea of helping others while attaining the much-needed help for you and your organization?

HopeRising.IS for you!​

Rising Hope is:

For you

For your team

For your church

For your business

Meet the founders

We all want Growth and Restoration...

to get there we need

holistic health:

mind, body, and spirit

 nurtured staff

collective and unified mindsets

So why us?

What Makes Us Unique

Offering Telehealth that allows us "meet" face-to-face with our clients

The goal is not one sided. Integrating emotional, physical, and spiritual health to care for the whole individual

Multiple levels of coaching - Including Grief & Loss, Health and Self-Care Coaching

Partnering with Hope Rising helps equip Blue Ridge Hope to serve those without financial resources to obtain quality care

What our friends say about us...

- Grace

"Travis Smith and his wife, Allyson, set a very high standard. In my four decades as a minister and a journalist, I’ve rarely met two people more committed to kingdom service than these two. Their caring hearts and listening ears combine to provide wonderful ministerial service and even-handed advice to all they serve. They have traveled many miles and served all kinds of people. In a world that constantly staggers us with pain and inhumanity, these two light guiding candles of wisdom and healing that leaves little doubt that things get better, healing is possible, and this life is worth the embrace of one more day."

- Pat

"My lifetime has been littered with losses; from relationship ending betrayal to death. In my darkest days Travis Smith was my thread of light. He is the easiest person to speak to about the most difficult things in life. Travis says he didn’t save me, that I saved myself; without his skill I wouldn’t have known how to accomplish that though."

- Paula


"I met Travis during the process of my wife being given 6 months to live and her subsequent ascent to Heaven. There aren't strong enough or sincere enough words to describe how I feel about his support and care through those incredibly difficult and confusing times. I chose to continue our relationship through the grief process, raising my girls alone and now a new marriage. I can't imagine not having his wisdom, encouragement and objective observations. I trust him and am grateful for him." 

- Phil

becky s.jpg

"I highly recommend Allyson for Integrative Health Coaching.  Allyson is an intuitive, genuine listener and has offered incredible insight into how my emotional well-being is crucial to my physical well-being.  Meeting with Allyson has been a positive and productive experience for me; I value her expertise in how proper nutrition nourishes the body & soul, and how small changes can yield big results.  Schedule your appointment today; you won't regret it!"

- Becky

The Hope Feed

Hope Rising is the offering from Blue Ridge Hope for organizations.  Hope Rising brings the outstanding quality of services from Blue Ridge Hope to your organization. Your staff can benefit from world-class coaching and counseling that will help each individual develop goals and plans to live into the best they can be.  Counseling & coaching is easily accessible with our virtual sessions. Hope Rising focuses on the individual, there is no one size counseling model and time will be taken to identify exactly what each staff member from your organization needs.  There are components that make us unique in terms of wellness.